Meet the Team: Jade Brazendale, Recruitment Resourcer

Jade recently joined the recruitment sector and is thriving in her role as a Recruitment Resourcer with Next in Health. As the first point of contact for candidates, her role is to source and headhunt healthcare professionals throughout Australia. Jade is certainly a people person and is always seen encouraging her candidates and supporting them through the recruitment process. Discover more about Jade and how she can help you find your next opportunity in Allied Health.

How to keep mentally healthy when job hunting

The physical act of clicking “apply” may seem straightforward, but for those looking for a new role right now, you know the job hunting process is far from easy. Whether you’re currently out of work or looking for a change whilst still employed, it’s important to stay mentally healthy. Being in a positive headspace allows you to put your best foot forward to a new employer, whilst ensuring you’re looking out for number one throughout the process. Next in Health values ambition and encourages you to succeed beyond your dreams, but we are well aware change can take its toll – and we want to help.

Is working in home care or an aged care facility the right job for you?

Aged Care

Trying to choose between in home care or working within an aged care facility can be a tough decision. Some crave the autonomy and flexibility of working within another person’s home, whilst others seek the structure and routine offered within an aged care facility. Whilst it can seem daunting to make a call, it’s important to remember that both jobs offer exceptional opportunities to make a real impact on another person’s life. Let’s explore some current statistics relating to the aged care sector and investigate the differences within the two roles so you can kick-start your career in either space, without any reservations.

Meet the Team: Emily White, Recruitment Resourcer

Girl smiling

Emily has jumped into healthcare recruitment and is loving her new role at Next in Health. She has had the opportunity to meet new people, talk to small to large healthcare organisations about their needs, and really enjoys working with her teammates. Emily has been focusing her efforts on finding suitable jobs for people in Allied Health and loves genuinely connecting with people and has a passion for the healthcare industry. Read more about why Emily loves her role and how she can help you.

Meet the Team: Jordan Cook, Senior Recruitment Consultant

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Jordan has been working in the recruitment sector for over 10 years, and in the last year and a half, he has honed his skills in the healthcare space and is really passionate about helping people find work in the Social Work & Psychology space. Jordan has seen how hard the pandemic has hit people over the last 2 years and is really invested in working in an industry that supports people’s mental health and well-being. We sit down with Jordan to talk more about building relationships with his clients and candidates and the importance of communication.

How to Sustain a Happy Workforce: Social Workers & Psychologists

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As social workers and psychologists are independent practitioners who must be comfortable working alone, it’s easy to assume they require less support and few resources from their employer. But these good, honest people who are willing to work hard, need to feel valued and respected to remain engaged and satisfied with the job. Creating such an environment though isn’t as straightforward as it may be for other staff groups in your organisation. Let’s explore what this looks like and how you can keep your best employees on the job, whilst also receiving great results for your patients.

How to avoid double representation in recruitment, employer perspective

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In the world of recruitment, double representation is an awkward and arduous situation that’s best to avoid where possible. For those unfamiliar with the terminology, it’s when two competing staffing agencies submit applications to a company for the same candidate for the same role. As a busy employer looking for skilled staff, there are tactful ways to approach your recruiting strategy to avoid these headaches and stresses. Let’s help you find your ideal candidate, the right way.

How do I choose the right recruitment agency to find the perfect allied health job?

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As a member of the allied health workforce within Australia, you have an abundance of exciting and fulfilling job opportunities at your fingertips. But choosing the right one which you most enjoy and aligns with your values is often the tricky part. That’s where a recruitment agency like Next in Health comes in. Here we explore what you should consider and the questions you should ask when selecting an agency to find your next full-time job within a reputable Allied Health organisation.

Meet the Team: Paris Matin, GM

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Next in Health was founded to build brighter healthcare futures. It’s a commitment that grew from our General Manager Paris Matin’s close relationship with his much-loved grandmother and his 12 years in recruitment, eight of which have been in healthcare. We sit down with Paris Matin to find out more about his motivation and inspiration to work in healthcare and how Next in Health is empowering people to find brighter futures in healthcare.