Meet the Team: Paris Matin, GM

January 12, 2022
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Next in Health was founded to build brighter healthcare futures. It’s a commitment that grew from our General Manager Paris Matin’s close relationship with his much-loved grandmother and his 12 years in recruitment, eight of which have been in healthcare. We sit down with Paris Matin to find out more about his motivation and inspiration to work in healthcare and how Next in Health is empowering people to find brighter futures.

What is your role within Next in Health?

I’m the General Manager of Health and Community, I am responsible for the operations of our business and its team. As the business grows, I’ll move into a more coaching and mentoring role with our recruiters.

Why are you passionate about healthcare recruitment?

I have always been the type to care for others, that being my family, my friends or colleagues, I feel my passion for healthcare is also based on my relationship with my grandmother where I have always wanted the best quality of care given to her and that is why I continue to remain within this sector.

How long have you been in the recruitment industry and what can you bring to the Next in Health brand?

12 years now, now that’s showing my age. I bring experience and dedication to Next in Health, I have worked for some reputable Healthcare agencies in my career, and the experience I have had across multiply healthcare specialties which allows me to provide an ethical and confident recruitment solution or experience to all candidates and clients.

How can you help clients get access to the healthcare staff they require?

There is a variety of avenues clients gain access to healthcare staff here at Next in Health, from our internal databases to internal and external networks built over time, dedicated specialists focused on a clients requirement/s to outsourced workforce projects and the role in which our consultants play being specialists to their dedicated sector means they understand what our clients want each and every time.

What can you offer candidates at Next in Health that is different to what other recruitment companies offer?

We are genuinely invested in every candidate’s career journey at Next in Health, from our initial conversation to placing that candidate we are there with them every step of the way. We have a strong emphasis on a candidate’s experience through Next in Health with dedicated Candidate Managers and consultants. Our consultants relate to candidates and provide open and honest communication allowing candidates to feel comfortable and confident they are also being represented in an ethical way out in the market.

Paris would love to chat with you about the challenges you are facing, and we’ll provide options about how we can help you find the right healthcare staff at your organisation.

Schedule a consult with Paris: https://nextinhealth.com.au/contact-page-employers-consultation/

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