How to keep mentally healthy when job hunting

The physical act of clicking “apply” may seem straightforward, but for those looking for a new role right now, you know the job hunting process is far from easy. Whether you’re currently out of work or looking for a change whilst still employed, it’s important to stay mentally healthy. Being in a positive headspace allows you to put your best foot forward to a new employer, whilst ensuring you’re looking out for number one throughout the process. Next in Health values ambition and encourages you to succeed beyond your dreams, but we are well aware change can take its toll – and we want to help.

Finding Support Workers in 2022: What Will the Industry Look Like?

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The last two years have given the healthcare industry a real wake-up call. Busy staff are working in hospitals, community facilities, and aged care homes and as you can imagine, alike have been stretched to unimaginable levels. So what does this look like for the sector moving forward into 2022?

How to Create a Stand-Out Resume as a Support Worker

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When applying for a job as a Youth and/or Disability Support Worker, submitting a striking application that grabs a recruiter’s attention should be your aim. But how is this achievable if you have limited experience applying for Support Worker jobs? Next in Health are here to facilitate the next step in your career – which starts with an exceptional resume. This blog will give you some of the best ways to attract the right employer and find a job you absolutely love.