About Us

Who is Next in Health?

Next in health is a permanent healthcare recruitment firm, all about connecting the right candidates with the right roles. We understand the challenges that both healthcare providers and healthcare workers face and are passionate about helping our clients and job seekers take their next step towards success.

What makes us different?

1. We seek long term partnerships rather than short term fixes.


Our long-term mindset means that both our clients and candidates are supported throughout their whole careers and life.

Partnering with employers

Our role as your recruitment partner is to help you uncover and connect the best candidates perfectly matched with your roles. We want to partner with you for the long term, providing ongoing recruitment support so that your organisation can be it’s very best.

Partnering with candidates

We believe that our candidates have the right to make themselves a better future and have access to opportunities that allow them to make a difference in other people’s lives in our community.

2. We provide nationwide coverage

Next in Health’s National network means that we can help with your next career step no matter where in Australia it is. Next in Health is part of PeopleIN a national, ASX-listed recruitment family of brands giving us unparalleled reach across the industry and the nation.

3. We are a boutique specialist healthcare recruitment team

We are a dedicated and friendly team with a combined 25 years+ of experience in the healthcare recruitment industry. We are open and transparent about what we can offer our clients to ensure candidates are perfectly matched.

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Our Vision

Next in Health was founded to build brighter healthcare futures. It’s a commitment that grew from our General Manager Paris Matin’s close relationship with his much-loved grandmother and his 12 years in recruitment, eight of which have been in healthcare.

Central to building brighter futures is our ability to build valued long-term relationships through openness, honesty and transparency. This includes treating everyone with the same level of respect and friendliness, no matter their age, gender, background, ethnicity, religion or domain of expertise.

As a result, Next in Health has grown into a progressive and equitable organisation, and through our relationships with candidates and clients, we not only provide access to life-changing opportunities, we also change lives.

Paris Matin, General Manager

Our Values

As a highly values-driven firm, candidates and clients alike seek us out specifically because of how they enrich our work and our relationships.

  • Transparency

    We pride ourselves on crystal clear communication, both internally and with our clients and candidates. We believe you should know exactly where you are in the recruitment process at every stage. With our transparent communication comes reassurance and trust that the candidate is in the driver’s seat of their career.

  • Empathy

    Our high emphasis on empathy is key to us understanding others' perspectives and circumstances. We go out of our way to maintain a conscientious and people first business, with personal relationships forming the base of our success and positive outcomes for our clients and candidates. Our empathy and compassion allow us to find the right solutions for candidates and clients that go beyond just ticking the boxes on paper.

  • Ambition

    As the facilitator of opportunities and brighter futures, we stoke the fire of ambition and possibility in all our candidates, clients and communities we service, encouraging them to succeed beyond their dreams. We foster and bolster self-improvement and innovation, motivating ourselves and others to challenge the future, to persevere, and to thrive.

  • Inclusivity

    We believe that everyone should be able to access life-changing opportunities. As a progressive and equitable organisation, we treat everyone with the same level of respect and friendliness, no matter their age, gender, background, ethnicity, religion, or domain of expertise.

Our Team

Paris Matin

General Manager

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Jordan Cook

Senior Recruitment Consultant

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Emily White

Recruitment Consultant

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Cory Lee

Senior Allied Health Recruitment Consultant

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Tim Campbell

Senior Nursing Recruitment Consultant

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Cassie Butcher

Senior Aged Care Recruitment Consultant

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Jordan Thompson

Social Care Recruitment Consultant

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Simone Ridley

Recruitment Resourcer

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Jade Brazendale

Allied Health Recruitment Resourcer

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Maria Makedonas

Marketing Manager